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Accu-Link -
Our newest rating system, Accu-Link is a PC-based stand-alone rating engine that can be accessed via a TCP/IP Ethernet connection from any computing platform. Simply send Accu-Link stream of shipment data and it will send back the shipment charges.
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Computer Data -
Middlewest maintains a vast library of computer data for every private rate structure we create, as well as many of the other popular private carrier data.  We also have data for almost every bureau tariff ever published spanning many years. 
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Custom-built rating systems -
Middlewest provides customized rating systems for both PC and mainframe use and we are sure to have the perfect solution for your rating needs. Our customized Windows rating systems provide just about every asked-for feature available. More info

Our flagship rating system providing rating, ASCII data file creation, bills of lading, plus many usefule features all for one low price.  For nationwide U.S LTL rating, use MARS 500. For U.S. - Canadian shipments, use MARS 510. More info

Master Key- 
A batch rating system desiged for PC and Mainframe computers that will streamline your rating process.  It can be used as a stand-alone batch processing system to rate hundreds of shipmets a minute from multiple tariffs, or it can be integrated with an existing software application to perform the rating function of a system. More Info

Rate development -
Rate development, or sometimes known as tariff building, is the roots of our business.  With more than 60 years experience, we have the required expertise to produce customized rate scales tailored to your operation. More info

Web Rater -
For companies needing a centralized Web-based rating system, we offer our Web rater.  It is ideally suited for carriers and logistics firms wishing to have their rates available to customers over the Internet.  It is also well suited for use on a corporate Intranet.  More info